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Jimmy Howes

Jimmy Howes is an award-winning "Night Club DJ" & "Wedding M/C." His DJ Companies have been hired to provide DJ-Entertainment at thousands of events over the past two decades. His legacy is to have trained hundreds of other DJ's now in the business successfully preforming across America! Jimmy Howes is also the Program Director of WGHT Radio and is the Co-Host of their Morning Radio Show. His track record of success and long standing friendships in the entertainment business, is why clients loyaly choose Jimmy Howes Entertainment for their events, year after year.

Greta Latona Award Winning DJ-MC-Radio DJ Musician-Voiceover talent

Greta Latona brings the party with her wherever she goes. Greta has been a Mobile DJ for over 10 years. During that time, she was a DJ/Manager with Party Crashers in Passaic County. During the day, Greta is the Co-Host on WGHT Radio's Morning Show and voiceover talent. She has been an MC for charity fundraisers, auctions and an award winning entertainer. Booking Greta assures your party will be the best it can be! Greta is very involved in charity causes.

DJ Granny

DJ Granny has been around for 60-years and has worked with Glenn Miller and the Dorsey Brothers. If you need a rocking party from someone who can get a party going, DJ Granny is not for you. She's too old for that. DJ Granny will make sure you behave and make sure nobody drinks and drives at your party! DJ Granny is so old, she was the entertainment they used at the "Last Supper".. DJ Granny has an autographed copy of the Bible and when she was in High School, she didn't take history class because their was no history yet. DJ Granny is the best of the best.

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